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May 11, 2020

This Journey Comes to an End

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the closure of Baglanti.

It has been an amazing adventure and we are happy and blessed to have been able to share that ride with you all. The connections we have made are ones we will cherish throughout life.

Thank you for all of the support, love and encouragement you have shown us throughout the years. 

To show our gratitude and to share the joy one last time, we are offering 60% off all of our remaining inventory, as well as free shipping within the continental U.S. Discounts will be applied automatically at checkout
We hope our paths cross in the future on another exciting adventure!

Here's to life's connections,

Lillian & Camille

December 03, 2014

A Year of Adventures - Our 1st Anniversary

Happy One Year Anniversary to Baglanti!

We opened our doors one year ago today and started building the company two years ago today. We can't believe how time files - it seems like just yesterday that we were sketching designs for our first collection on Camille's living room floor in Washington DC in December of 2012.

Since December last year, we've launched two lines, the Classic and the Unchained, with one collection in each line. We are excited to unveil what's coming up next season - we hope you enjoy the new, expanded take on the signature Baglanti style we have in store.

We cannot thank you enough for the unwavering support, enthusiastic encouragement and LOVE that we have received from our fans, family and friends, and even strangers. It's been a thrilling adventure and we hope you continue the journey with us!



October 21, 2014

Haute Accessories Week 2014| Recap by TBO Seen

Tampa Bay Online's rated Baglanti's hand bracelets as one of the top three trends seen at Haute Accessories Week 2014!

Read the article by local fashion contributor Tamy Lugo here!

October 14, 2014

Haute Accessories Week 2014| Recap by What's More Important Than Fashion? Blog

Read about the Runway Presentation of Haute Accessories Week, pulled from the What's More Important Than Fashion? blog

HAUTE: The Runway Show Presentation 2014

Hey Dolls!!

Haute Accessories Week went out with a bang once again!  This year's Runway Show was definitely in a class by itself and I loved every minute of it.  I love that the show's audience grows bigger every year.  I love the newly added addition of involving fashion lovers in Haute Accessories Week by allowing people the chance to vote for which designer would close out the Runway Show.  You have to do things to keep your audience yearning for more, and The Fashion Movement did just that with added some new elements this year that were noticeable.
Viktoria Richards Choclates
Clothing Designer Audrey Pat McGhee 
On Friday night, The Fashion Movement showcased an intimate array of designers dedicated to accessory design.  I had the opportunity to speak to a few of the designers after the runway show and what I loved hearing from them the most is that their designs are not cookie cutter and you are guaranteed to walk away with a one of a kind piece.  For me that is definitely a plus because who doesn't want to be able to say they are rocking a one-of-a-kind design.  By definition a fashion accessory is said to be an item used to contribute in a secondary manner to the wearer's outfit.  I believe the pieces in this show provoke an update to that definition.  Here is a sneak peek of some of their displayed designs before the show began.
The unity in the Tampa Fashion Community is fantastic.  The Fashion Movement managed to combine the Fashionable efforts of The Christian Fashion Week founders, including Mayra Gomez who was the event host, a dynamic group of Fashion Bloggers, glam squad, event photographers and of course the adorable, lovely and handsome models.
Fashion Blogger Michelle Bremer of The Runway Translator
Lovely Models Backstage
Our Lovely Hostess - Mayra Gomez
More Lovely Models Backstage - Angie Marie, Edwich, and Michelle
Fashion Blogger Natasha of Fashionably Fabulous & Tamy Lugo Stylist and CFW Co-Founder
Fashion Blogger and Model Andra Rich of The Knick Knacker
Me and Fashion Blogger Farrah of Estrella Fashion Report
Me and Tamy Lugo of VStylist
Me and Fashion Blogger Misha of Fashionista Circle
Now on to the Runway.......

Malchijah Hats
JFH Collections by Harriet Mason

Eric Green Collection
Baglanti by Lillian and Camille
Na'Jae Designs by Nancy Ranalli
Shola Designs by SholaYusuf

Tenique by Nicolette Satchell

The Runway Show was closed out by Nicolette of Tenique Designs as she received the most votes and was selected by fashion lovers to close out the show!

At the end of the show, The Fashion Movement's own Lacey B. Smith received a well deserved standing ovation for the Haute Accessories Runway Show.  In his speech, he made sure to acknowledge all those who are involved in making the show the success that it was.  One of my favorite parts was when Lacey made sure to explain how essential for the Tampa Fashion community to work together as it is beneficial for growth.  I also love that he gave props to Fashion Bloggers and their influence in the Fashion World.
What I'm Wearing:  Thrifted Cape/Target Tank & Skirt/Thrifted Earrings/Random Necklace/Zara Sandals/Aldo Purse
As you can probably tell Dolls, I enjoyed myself and of course I'm looking forward to what's in store for next year's Haute Accessories Fashion Week!

Photo Credits:  Farrah Estrella, Broadway Photography, Jermaine Levy, and Fashionista Circle
October 09, 2014

Haute Accessories Week 2014| Recap by Sexy Bags & Shoes fashion blog

The Haute Accessories Week Runway Presentation Recap by Kellie of Sexy Bags & Shoes Fashion Blog! Baglanti was her favorite designer at the show!


Haute Accessories Week ~ Tampa

September is a whirlwind where fashion is concerned, even here in Tampa we have festivities surrounding Fashion Week that seems to last all month long.  I got my season kicked off in style at the HAUTE Accessories week.  I would have loved to have written this prior to the event instead of as a recap but I was busy enjoying all the fun. I sipped wine & socialized with quite a few of the designers on Tuesday evening at Spain, a tapas restaurant in Downtown Tampa where The Fashion Movement gave us bloggers the opportunity to meet with some of the wonderful designers of all the things that top off any outfit.  I was excited to finally meet Shola Yusef because girlfriend has some killer shoe designs & I just wanted to meet the woman behind the looks.  (I have yet to own a pair but I have followed a purple pair all over town).  I think they must be a favorite of hers too because she danced her way down the runway in them during her lines finale.

Kellie & Shola Yusef

Sho Kellie & Shola Yusef
Photo courtesy of Broadway Photography

Shola Designs

Shola Designs

Shola Designs

Shola Designs


Shola Designs

Shola Designs


Shola Yusef of Shola Designs

Shola Yusef of Shola Designs dancing her way down the runway looking fabulous!

I have attended the shows of the past 3 years & I must say, this was by far the best one yet.  Lacey & his team over at The Fashion Movement are obviously growing in their knowledge of what to do to offer the designers a great platform on which to share their designs.   This show was just the right length and it offered something for everyone.

Founder Lacey Smith of The Fashion Movement: Haute Accessories Show

Founder Lacey Smith of The Fashion Movement: Haute Accessories Show

There were designers from all over the world as well as local Tampa designers.  Items from hats clear down to shoes.  There were items for men, women & children, there was even a 9 yr old jewelry designer.  You think that sounds young?  She has 2 years experience already lol, started her business when she was 7!  Love an entrepreneurial girl!

9 yr old jewelry designer

9 yr old jewelry designer

Her designs were perfect for little women her age, cute enough to make them happy but understated enough to be perfect for their age group. young designer collage

Each year there is a designer that I fall in love with, this year I had two (I don’t know if Shola should count but she is at the top of my list) and the 2nd designer is Baglanti Jewelry.  Simply elegant is the best way I can describe these items.  They were a little difficult to shoot as they came down the runway but I’d already stopped by the table that Lily the designer was manning.  Check out the designer & these beauties.


Baglanti Jewelry designer Lilly

Baglanti Jewelry designer Lilly

Baglanti Jewelry design

Baglanti Jewelry design

It was a great show & while I had a favorite jewelry designer, a favorite entrepreneur & a favorite shoe designer, as mentioned before, this years show had it all.  So I guess it would be fair to say I had a lot of favorites (what do you expect, its fashion!  So many choices)  Malchijah Hats had a refreshing array of fun large brimmed hats.  I think I would ooo and ahh over one and then the next one would be better than the last.

Malchijah Hats

Malchijah Hats

Malchijah Hats

Malchijah Hats

Malchijah Hats

Malchijah Hats

The models this year were on point as they have been each year but sometimes their personalities appear no matter what collection they are showing.  The young woman below in the red, man every time she took the stage, I was mesmerized. She rocked attitude & exuded confidence each & every time she showed up on the catwalk.  Do the damn thing girl! lol

Malchijah Hats

Malchijah Hats

Something else I enjoyed seeing was that the models chosen were having a great time too.  As I share the last of the hats, I selected the larger photo because this model winking at the crowd showed that not only were the attendees enjoying themselves but that the models were as well.

Malchijah Hats

Malchijah Hats

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my fellow bloggers.  These events create opportunities for me to mix & mingle with those who have their own fashion story & have fun telling it daily.  I always enjoy seeing people who are kindred spirits, I get to see some of my favorite designers, stylists, models & fellow bloggers.   (They don’t know I took this shot but I thought it was perfect since all of the aforementioned list above is represented).

Fashion Bloggers, Stylists, Models & Designers Row

Fashion Bloggers, Stylists, Models & Designers Row

emcee Mayra Gomez, Stylist Tristan Richards & fellow Fashion Blogger Natasha Bernard

emcee Mayra Gomez, Stylist Tristan Richards & fellow Fashion Blogger Natasha Bernard

haute Welcome

Ok, so let me wrap up by sharing designs from all the hardworking, fabulous designers:

Baglanti Designs
Eric Green Collection
JFH Collections
Malchijah Hats
Naje Designs
Shola Designs
Tenique Designs

designer collage

Kellie x

October 07, 2014

Haute Accessories Week 2014| Recap by Runway Translator

Check out this blog post recap of Haute Accessories Week by Michelle Bremer, the Runway Translator!

It’s Getting Haute In Here…

… So Take Off All Your Clothes!  Just Leave On Your Accessories!

Haute 2014-Naje Designs 04

Haute Accessories Week 2014 came and went through Tampa Bay, leaving in its wake a throng of salivating fashionistas fanning ourselves and wondering “what the world” just happened.  Thank you for that Lacey Smith!  He and his team at The Fashion Movement know just how to leave a gal wanting more!  Though I was not able to attend every fabulous Haute event around town, I made it a point NOT to miss the runway presentation at Hunter’s Green Country Club which was, as usual, A-maz-ing!  Oh what fun!  I love an event where it’s not all about the superficial and the material, though let’s face it, that’s what fashion tends to be.  I love this event in particular because it’s always such a feel-good experience… I bounce in and am welcomed with open arms by a group of genuinely supportive and mutually respected professionals who simply have fun doing what they love.  That’s rare people.  Maybe it was the atmosphere, maybe it was the jewelry, maybe it was the free-flowing Peroni, whatever the reason I had a wonderful night.  Here are some pics of my favorite looks and my favorite peeps…

Haute 2014-Baglanti Set
Baglanti Collection

Haute 2014-Eric Green Set
Eric Green Collection

Haute 2014-Shola Designs Set
Shola Designs

Haute 2014-Naje Designs Set
Naje Designs

Haute 2014-Tenique and JFH Collection
Tenique Designs (1& 2)  JFH Collections (3)

Haute 2014-Malchijah Hats 03B

Haute 2014-Malchijah Hats Set
Malchijah Hats

Haute 2014-Me and Shola and Lacey
With Designer Shola Yusuf and Haute Producer Lacey Smith

Haute 2014-Me and Mayra Jose Gomez
With the Event’s Host Mayra Gomez and Lighting Innovator Jose Gomez
Both from Christian Fashion Week

Haute 2014-Me With Farrah and Sari
With Farrah Estrella from Estrella Fashion Report and Sara Famiglietti from Mira TV

Haute 2014-Me and Bloggers

With bloggers Genelle Frazier from What’s More Important Than Fashion?
and Natasha Bernard from Fashionably Fabulous

The proceeds from Haute Accessories Week benefit Joshua House, a safe haven for abused, neglected and abandoned children in Tampa Bay.  Sponsors for this charitable event included Brandon Mitsubishi, Peroni Beer, Above Promotions, Cerulean Blu Boutique, and Viktoria Richards Chocolates, among others.  To find out more please visit the Haute Accessories Week Facebook Page. Stay tuned to learn more about upcoming events from The Fashion Movement; the ever popular Bow Ties & Clutches and the inaugural Bloggers’ Ball.

What I Wore:  Steve Madden silk print dress and Banana Republic belt, both from Fresh Threads Boutique.  Vince Camuto mile high platform wedges from Dillards (long ago).  Oversized faux crocodile envelope clutch gifted to me last year by the folks at Tampa Bay Fashion Week.

What I Scored:  See that long necklace with the spikes in the top pic?  You know, the pic with the shirtless model.  I was especially drawn to that one so I bought it after the show… the necklace, not the model!  I don’t think he was for sale.  I got to meet designer Nancy Ranalli of NaJe’ Designs whose hand-crafted pieces are truly works of art.  I also purchased a really cool pair of one-of-a-kind silver drop earrings that I can’t wait to rock!

Photo Credit:  Tasia Hron Photography

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It is only fitting that this East-meets-West pairing found inspiration where East really meets West - in Istanbul, a bustling Turkish city that straddles both the European and Asian continents. The name itself embodies the soul of the company - “Bağlantı” means “link” in Turkish.

Istanbul’s heritage and their own heritages are what inspired our globetrotting founders to establish Bağlantı Designs and link global trends and style into one jewelry line.