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When East Met West

Bağlantı is an American fine jewelry company founded in 2013 by Hong Kong-born Lillian and French-born Camille. Camille and Lillian met at the University of Tampa in Florida and immediately bonded over a shared love of globetrotting, fashion, art and wine. Their friendship thrives on their common passion for exploration and discovery. They have zigzagged across the world to discover foreign lands, immerse themselves in other cultures and to explore the different values, ideologies, creeds and philosophies that make up the beautiful tapestry of humanity. The nomadic souls of the founders and the colors of the world are the driving inspiration behind Bağlantı’s designs.

It is only fitting that this East-meets-West pairing found a great deal of inspiration where East really meets West – in Istanbul, a bustling Turkish city that straddles both the European and Asian continents. The name itself embodies the soul of the company – Bağlantı means “link” in Turkish.

Istanbul’s heritage and their own heritages are what inspired these globetrotting founders to establish Bağlantı, and link global trends and style into one jewelry brand. With one foot in one place, and the other dancing around the globe, Camille and Lillian strive to bring the world to your hands.



Istanbul, The Inspiration

Istanbul is the only city in the world that sits on two continents. The city straddles the continental divide between Asia and Europe, as marked by the beautiful Bosphorus River that runs through the city from north to south. Istanbul reflects its geographical location in its culture and its people. During one 30-minute taxi ride, you could see similarities to Hong Kong, Madrid, Taipei, Paris and Beirut. Even the faces of the locals are diverse - you would never be able to guess if someone here is a foreign national or a Turkish native. Istanbul was the capital of three great empires - the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman - and the cultural and architectural influences linger today. The city embodies who Camille and Lillian are as friends and as a company. It's a city with an identity crisis that at the same time embraces every facet of itself.

Bağlantı’s coral brand color was inspired by the coral-saffron color of the exterior of the Aya Sofya or Hagia Sofia, the founders’ favorite Istanbul landmark. The Aya Sofya was built by the Byzantines in 537AD was then converted to a Christian Church and later to a Muslim mosque, and finally just a museum today. The Aya Sofya embodies the Bağlantı brand with its mix of cultures and ideologies, rich in history and personality.


Photo by Alex Houghton | www.notmybeiofcha.com